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Fighting for the red army for that beautiful lie
So in the begging news I have a viral infection in my brain! 
No I am not dead yet
No I am not in hospital
Yes it is slightly serious but NO do not freak out I will be ok
And Yes this should have started with a YES or a NO but eh I couldn't be stuffed
Yes putting captital Y's and N's in the middle of a sentance is grammaticly incorrect but I never have been so eh.

So in light of this wonderous occasion I decided to put this up, an online will, so you lot can get in a grab what you want just in case (not that its actualy going to happen or anything) I snubb it before my lawyer calls me back (which is entirely likely since I haven't got a lawyer and there for have made no phone call)

Things you may want to steal

- digital slr camera worth over 2 grand american dollars (but not if you just pawn it off) (unless you pawn it to get porn cause thats just way too amusing and totaly acceptable)
- Box of dirt from byron bay. (possibly akin to Jacks Jar of dirt)
-ak-47 white and pink signed 30stm shirt (jared LOVED it and its fucking awsum to wear)
- electric guiar, blue ibanez in sexy condition can be veiwed in past posts and on bewarewolfs youtube account
- black doctor martins serieously fits like everyone (size 9-10 ish) coveredin flowers (they own you)
- effects peddle with over 80 effects inbuilt drum machine, and the abilitly to make your own affects (brand spankin new)
- My dog... because he's a dog and eats souls.... well half of them

So come on down and claim your peice of imseeinrobots memerobelia! Its all free and for a limited time only

(my appologies if my sick sense of humor affends anyone (my lack of spelling skill probably hurts more than my bad taste)

- Until the next time (be careful cause by the looks of it that may be in hell)


I can smell old dish cloths and can see huge monday night fireworks from my balcony bloody brisbane and wanting to party. OH AND THE DOCTOR THOUGHT I WAS PREGNANT! ( I was like ".... I WANT SEX DUDE BUT HAVE NONE NO DEAL!) the guy didn't even flinch xp
in the middle of nothing: sad sad little head
I won't suffer: sicksick
And we were singing: none NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO
Fighting for the red army for that beautiful lie
13 May 2007 @ 09:20 am

ook so some quick stuff before I run off to do more graphic work!!

Its raining!! ZOMG
It's mothers day.. FUCK! 
My mother is away HELL YESSSSSS

Anyway I have a neeeeeeew and improved journal though this one still will get a work out

its called thirtysec0nds WOOTthirtysec0nds
in the middle of nothing: cold... not much of a
I won't suffer: coldIT IS FREEZING
And we were singing: welcome to the universe 30stm (aparently I am this song if I was a song....)
Fighting for the red army for that beautiful lie
04 May 2007 @ 07:20 pm

hey guys just wanted to say hey we're rocking on down to the gig around 9ish in the morning wanted to see who else was comming? We've got candy and games and all sorts so I hope to see some people down there, anyway if anyone wants to get in touch and such not that it seems like too many people read this site but anyway hope to see some of you kids down there send me a text on

anywho so now I look like a total loser but what ever. See you all there

wooo 30stm in australia... 

I won't suffer: crazylike a total wanker actually
And we were singing: 30stm dah shit
Fighting for the red army for that beautiful lie
04 May 2007 @ 07:13 pm

hey guys just wanted to say hey we're rocking on down to the gig around 9ish in the morning wanted to see who else was comming? We've got candy and games and all sorts so I hope to see some people down there, anyway if anyone wants to get in touch and such not that it seems like too many people read this site but anyway hope to see some of you kids down there send me a text on

anywho so now I look like a total loser but what ever. See you all there

wooo 30stm in australia... 

I won't suffer: crazylike a total wanker actually
And we were singing: 30stm dah shit
Fighting for the red army for that beautiful lie

My number of junk emails never cease to amaze me I mean seriously wtf? I really need to just block shit and what ever, blah I can't be shitted. So anyway this is me wasting time I could be spending being a decent pet owner and like walking and or playing with my pets before I go to work again arg (its like nearly 5:30 pm here I have been working all day and now get to work tonight as well ooh yeah). Ok so yeah I need to update alot more shit up here with fuck loads of photos and new video posts but work is busier than ever I have to train out new girl who is french and brilliant and try to get some sleep inbetween runnning around like a fuckhead and being yelled at by my mother. But my guitar playing is getting better. 

So hrmm what can I put in here? this is really sodding boring becase I have so much shit to do fucking jesus I have nothing interesting to put up but OOOH! new stuff on my deviat art! I will be putting up photos of muso's ^^ I found them from a while back and a few are really really good! *beams* anywho! OOH may be going to see powderfinger play tomorow night they are apparently playing under a fake name so I am soo fucking excited am going to try and sneak my camera in ^^

anywho shit all too say cause I am poor and tired and getting a cold and busy so much love i am infact not dead and missing you all *cough hacks and dies* well off to work~

Fighting for the red army for that beautiful lie
13 April 2007 @ 01:12 pm

Jesus sodding hell my eyes are freaking burning..too much time starting at the computer screen covered in freaking jared leto I think... that and too much/ not enough sleep. 

And we were singing: natural anthem- the postal service
Fighting for the red army for that beautiful lie
I've been in a really mellow mood for the past few days and I still am not really sure why. Its weird Maria thinks its because I'm not in love anymore, I mean I haven't been in long time really but I suppose now that everythings working out really well my brains like, wait a seck now that the angsts leaving and you're becoming a little more balanced theres something missing. Maybe she's right, but I don't exactly want to be in love any time soon so who knows. I just feel liek crying its odd, maybe its hormones. Though it feels like something else, its not self pitty or just hating things, its real sorrow, it hurts somewhere different and it doesn't make me angry like normal sadness does. hmm, well what ever it is I'll just have to wait it out I suppose.

so this weeks looking to be lovely, I'm seeing shoe tomorow for some shopping and hair cutting before heading back to her place to get glammed up to see priceless and then joes meeting us and we're going out for a drink then I am going back to shoes for the night and possibly lazing around with her for a while. Friday is more shopping with mum then watching pans labrinth and going out to dinner I think, eating fish of course. Inbetween all of this will be alot of guitar practice ^^. Saturday is going to be a nothing day I think and I'll be learning all of my driving shit to sit my test next week. sunday we are going to one of the islands and ooh we should be learning african drumming on saturday actualy.

Maybe I'm just lonely again

Oh and I got on the abc news because I dressed up like a zombie since I am cool like that and walked through brisbane with like 300 other zombies I shall be dressed like this for the gaming anime convention in two weeks as well.

ooh and I have other kick ass news comment to find out though since it involves one of my lj mates ^^ and when I mean kick ass i mean FUCKING OWNAGED

I want to write shit but as per usual I can't fucking arg
in the middle of nothing: meh
And we were singing: stupid mellow musics fucking rar
Fighting for the red army for that beautiful lie
31 March 2007 @ 11:32 am

omg she's not... no she couldn't be... BUT SHE IS

yes its a post! its a goddamn lj post that is likely to be left unfinished cause shoe should be here any moment and we are going out to get zombie and other amusing films and boose for our stay in and be bums with booze night. happy days! 

so lets go back a few weeks, I met a boy an amazing boy named rob and I was like omfg LOVE. 

So the week after this (maybe it was two I do not know) I met him at uni yay! We walked and talked alot and hung out at the uni and he showed me the entire campus and we had an amazing time wee! We talked about all sorts, I got 30stm badges and we had wedges and found KICK ASS art in the art gallery and went to the library and gigled and I got yelled at for being loud ^^ and I wore a dress! my new swanky dress that I shall don tomorow woot! And yeah it was amazing and then when I was on the ferry to go home (this was at like 7 and I got there like at 1 XD lotsa time together!) I met two new boys who want to catch up with me (and aparently date me X.x god too many men!). They are brilliant and are myspace whores *sighs*

So then I had a gathering... ! YES A GATHERING woohooo for this and so shoe and joe and rob came and we got SMASHED and skate boarded around the house and rob split shit on his shirt and had to wear my gyroscope one (yes I have mens shirts XD) which he looked so goddamn hot in (yes I will put photos up of him like maybe now heh he is sleeping ^^) and then he spilt shit on that so he wore my button ... fucking peice of shit computer *hello this is your computer FUCKING ITSELF OVER* *flails* anyway ahem... so yes he had to wear my button up white man shirt that he wanted to claim as his own because he loved it so much, I just reasoned that it meant that he would have to come over alot and take his shirt off ^^ ahh so good. 

So we all got smashed and Shoe fell off the couch and like bruised her cheek and had to use frozen peas to fix it and then spilt them ALL OVER my bed and then spilt boose all over it as well, love that girl, so we are all laying in my room in the dark on the floor while shoe plays fucking amazing tool songs on my guitar and rob is like doing god knows what to my dog which is so fucking amusing and then my door fucks itself so we get locked in. omg drunken people climbing out of windows to escape SO FUNNY.  anyway so we got out of the room and watched some of tank girl and some of requiem for a dream which totaly flipped us out and then we were like LETS GO FOR A WALK AT 2AM! so drunk off our heads still we stumble up to the school and rob and joe run off somewhere so shoe and I are laying like with our heads together but our feet poking in oposite directions watching the stars it was amazing, then we stumble up eventualy and wearing these broad brimmed bright blue hats that the school kids have to wear and had left behind, so we are stumbling around laughing in those, then we find a ripped in half dictionary and cover the entire school oval in pages from it... it was crazy. But wait theres more, after this we snuck down the road to the church *sighs* this is where my name of the goods goody two shoes goes out the window, I was drunk ok, very drunk and so with my red bandana on looking like an outlaw I sorta snuck into the church and rung the bell *chuckles* and then we all ran really fast laughing our asses off till we got home XD. Later that morning we watched almost famous, jesus awsum movie and I made pasta before shoe went home and rob and joe and I walked down to get the ferry and hung out at the shops, got iced cream and played on the swings ^^ it rocked the caz. 

ooh and friday! i worked yay since chelsey at work quit omg she came in and was like "FUCK YOU" to my boss and then turned to my other quieter one when he walked into the kitchen to clean stuff and started swearing at him they were both soo upset by the end of it but yay I work 4 days a week now and 3 nights a week, ,go team! Anyway so friday shoe and I hung out, we went to see the hot fuzz again and rob ended up being in the movies with us! XD I was like no way! *falls over* anyway we got food and I got shoe her first legal vodka at a pub yay! and then we found the new water play park at southbank and decided hey we are fully clothed and its like night time but lets go swimming! so we ran around and laughed our arses off and it was soo much fun. There was this huge metal slim line pole thing that was bent and when you pressed this button shot water out of its tip it looked and acted like a penis we have video footage because it was just so wrong and funny. 

Now tonight we were meant to be going out but joe bailed and kathy dissapeared so its just another shoe and blair night. 

hmm what else,, ZOMG WE ORDERED MY 30stm HOODY LAST NIGHT I am getting it for christmas it was tickets to see the pixies,the pet shop boys, modest mouse and jarvis crocker or the hoody.. for some weird unknown reason I picked the hoody.. meh HOODY!! ^^ I am getting the white one because its like woah pretty and I am going to buy like all of the rest of the merch at the gig. 

OOh and today I started working on my designs for 30stm shoes, they've come out really well ^^ I'll put some of the final productions up here later to get the final opinion on which ones to make, if anyone wants a pair I'll be making them at cost price for all of my lovely 30stm friends ^^

So what else is new...? want photos? I'll give you photos!! ^^ eww my toes are greasy cause I was cleaing the kitchen... rar omfg my dog ate my black lacy bra how much do I hate him right now?!

ooh and aparently my father is still alive he's just been too busy for what 5 FUCKING MONTHS to send me a sodding email, fucking arse hole, meh wonder if he'll get me something for easter... hope he gives me money... ooh that would rock cause I really reallly need it ^^ bahh wtf my computer needs to stop dying all of its drives keep on fucking up and it over heats too much... dirk come over here and fix it for me will you... shit when is his birthday? fark. 


my dear friend Jess, only at the tender age of 17 is now a published manga artist working for none other than madman and tokyo pop HOW MUCH DOES SHE RULE!? I'll have to get her to give me a few scans to show you lot, her work is only in japanese at the moment and comes out next month japan so if you know anyone over there get them to grab you a few copies ^^ 

so erm yeah.. over and out?

Fighting for the red army for that beautiful lie
I wasn't going to update now since I am still tired from too much boose last night yay for joes 18th birthday but will go indepth a little latter futhur down the page. But you see shinsolo was like zomg want new layout! so I gave her my old one as a template and now we are playing with it. My shoulders hurt rar.

So this weekend. Lets start with friday! Ok so I had the day off, got requiem for a dream and watched it and was like wow omg so good and then I snapped. Totaly wigged out and had panic attacks and everything. That movie is just so fucking hopeless and dark that ny brain just like vomited or something. Anyway went to work like less than an hour after I was sitting my my bath tub hugging myself and crying (yeah like woah movie did my head in) and Kathy and I spent the entire night laughing our asses off! It owned, by the end of the evening we were just in tears of laughter and I will NEVER be able to look at a wombat the same way again. I also finaly brought chinese or dinner once my shift ended, fuck yeah beef and black been like woah YUMM may get some for lunch again tomorow, could be sorta crazy fun. Need to get my phone back from there anyway so yeah yay for life.

So saturday I spent making joes tardis, it looked amazing but the ends of it though and tall! Cause I used a converse box, very 10ish I thought ^^ So inside it I had a letter adressed to the doctors new companion and wrote a letter pretending to be ten stuck in an ancient chinese dungeon for getting caught with Jack XD carving their names into the still wet morter of the great wall of china and I had in the box all sorts of things from past episodes, (miscle toe, soda pop, edible ball bearings, ten's glasses, the all important bannana, anti plastic (new and improved... it glowed) and it said that he needed her help to get them both out. It's an on going present and as I find more who related stuff then I'll give it to her to add to the box but yeah she was just like OMFG this and 30stm tickets!!! AHHH so yeah she ended up saying that mine was the best present because it was the most worked on and thought out and yeah fandom related presents! and I gave her all of 9 and 10's episodes on dvd claiming that they were archival footage that the doctor had given her to study and all of torchwood which was supposed cctv footage to help her get a better idea about how the rift worked. I even got the new round tardis key ^^. So once people started arriving I met elsa and we spent like hours talking about tank girl and gigs and well everything and I was like omfg love you woman, yay! So we are going to catch up at some point, then I got introduced to shue, SHOE!!!! OMFG!! I love this girl just LOVE HER. (in a total ungay way of course) She lives in powderfingers old house and knows them and they come to her house and own one of her old guitars *dies* is very very cool! and well she is awsum with her blue sued docks and falling off things all the time and being a drummer. Then!! I met Rob and oh dear lord in jesus someone save me I AM IN LOVE. HE LOOKS LIKE BLOODY JARED LETO Joe saw him and was like OMFG FAN GIRL SQUEE with me and then he talked to me XD and I am going to see him again and EII so yes I have a love interest... two infact.

Today, I mowed the lawns and cleaned everything really well and really fast and then went out on a date with another male. Yes thats right folks I have pretty blondie construction boy, rob the most beautiful non movie star male I have ever seen and Daryn. We went out for a few drinks he like me drinks girly drinks and we had a great time then we went and saw hot fuzz and I won't spoiler it but just OMFG GO A SEE IT LIKE NOW. I am going to see it again this week because it just owns. But yeah then we wandered around and he dropped me home ^^ I had a great time.

Jesus so Daryn likes me but I just want to be friends, apparently blondie likes me but I haven't seen him in a while and HOPEFULY please god let it be true, Rob likes me and he is just omfg gorgeous and lovely and yummmmmmmmmmm and so I have big boy troubles EEK! *dies* he he he oh well least I am dating again so mum is sorta happy.

Though mums having anthony troubles NOOOO so thats not cool *sighs* but we will sort it out.

anyway I will post tomorow since I am not going to the job interveiw and have fuck all to do tomorow since I cleaned all day today happy days and my eyes are about to fall out of my overly alchohole filled self god too much boose in one weekend... mmm want meat balls. and satay.. yum. BEED AND BLACK BEAN YUM... need to find some food. Didn't eat lunch... or like any breakfast. wow no food for like more than 24 hours and lots of boose! ha ha ah wow I had a normal 18 year old like weekend sorta ^^ I love my friends and my boys and yay life he he he


 ish falling asleep on keyboard rar will fanfic rant tomorow about ideas and woah ooh and goss yay for goss

luff you shin and hayleybumm you crazy pretties you
in the middle of nothing: bed soon!
I won't suffer: sleepysleepy
And we were singing: attack 30stm, like fucking always
Fighting for the red army for that beautiful lie
07 March 2007 @ 02:21 pm

End of the world, chapter two – Breaking down 2/(many?)
Author: that would be being myself

Pairing: Matt/Tomo, some Jared/Shannon (couldn’t resist)
Rating: M for swearing
Summary:  Matt leaves, or does he?
“I can’t give you this, this promise, this everything that you deserve”.

Notes: Banner love thanks to sapphire_child, got this idea when I thought matt was still finishing the tour, because of this I had them end it in australia, their last show being Brisbane and yes I live here it does get randomly cold. I should know I am wearing like 5 layers at the moment... maybe I am just a freak
Disclaimer: all good things come to those who wait... that really isn't a disclaimer is it... more like false advertising, what ever we know what we know, we don't what we don't. 

in the middle of nothing: Brisbane
And we were singing: buddah for mary 30stm I always trip out with this song